"I'm lying to my people & they're reacting well" says Beli - BBC News
by BBC News
2 hours ago ∗ Views: 2,086
Despite announcing his candidacy just a few weeks ago, a Serbian university student has come second in opinion polls just days ahead of the presidenti...
Ai Weiwei's take on the migrant crisis - BBC News
by BBC News
3 hours ago ∗ Views: 188
From 14000 lifejackets to a global docu-film, find out how renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is exploring the migrant crisis in his latest work. Pleas...
Ex-CIA interrogator on ‘enhanced interrogation’ - BBC News
by BBC News
4 hours ago ∗ Views: 195
Psychologist James Mitchell carried out “enhanced interrogation” techniques after the 9/11 attacks. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Wo...
Forgetting the horror of Homs - BBC News
by BBC News
7 hours ago ∗ Views: 1,462
Three years ago Lyse Doucet met young Syrian girl Bara'aa who was living through the horror of war in Homs. Now she has met up with her again and foun...
Why are people paying $6 for a bag of human waste? BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 10,040
There are no sewers in Haiti. 26% of Haitians have access to a toilet, so a lot of the sewage ends up in the water supply. Currently, Haiti is battlin...
Article 50: 'We already miss you' - Donald Tusk - BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 8,760
EU Council President Donald Tusk has said that there is "no reason to pretend that this is a happy day" after formally accepting the UK's letter trigg...
Paralysed man feeds himself again - BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 5,883
Bill Kochevar was paralysed from the shoulders down in a bicycle accident. He can now eat and drink again thanks to new technology which reconnects hi...
Dear European Union... - BBC News
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1 day ago ∗ Views: 7,842
As Article 50 is triggered to being the process of the UK leaving the European Union, here's what some people will miss about EU membership, and what ...
Brexit Live: Triggering Article 50 (House Of Commons) - BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 128,835
We're live in the House of Commons where PM Theresa May due to trigger Article 50 thus formally beginning UK's departure from the European Union.
Rewind: UK relationship with EU - BBC News
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1 day ago ∗ Views: 19,214
Ahead of Article 50 being triggered, here's a potted history of the relationship between the UK and the EU Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog...
Can Trump save the coal industry? BBC News
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1 day ago ∗ Views: 6,905
Donald Trump has signed an executive order which lifts climate change regulations. One of the president's campaign promises was to revive a declining ...
Brexit: The Divorce Papers - BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 5,451
Theresa May had signed the letter to trigger Article 50, in which the UK's decision to leave the European Union formally begins. BBC News' Ben Wright ...
Brexit: Jubilation or Dread? BBC News
by BBC News
1 day ago ∗ Views: 4,245
Britain takes a step into the unknown today when it formally serves notice on leaving the European Union. For some it's a day of jubilation, for other...
US 'may be responsible' for Mosul deaths - BBC News
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1 day ago ∗ Views: 4,173
A top US general in Iraq has admitted that coalition forces were 'probably' involved in the deaths of civilians - during the fight to recapture the Ir...
Scottish Parliament backs referendum call - BBC News
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2 days ago ∗ Views: 13,666
Nicola Sturgeon's call for a second referendum on independence for Scotland has been formally backed by the Scottish Parliament. MSPs voted by 69 to 5...