CNN Panel on Donald Trump, Anti-Semitism Goes Off the Rails: "You Are Using Fake News Arguments!"
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2 days ago ∗ Views: 89
Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, got into a very heated back-and-forth with Kayleigh McEnany on C...
Carl Bernstein: , Donald Trump Within His Rights to Fire Sally Yates But His Presidency Is in Chaos
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3 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,477
Carl Bernstein said on CNN tonight that President Trump is certainly within his rights to fire Sally Yates after she went against his executive order,...
Jake Tapper Rips White House for Portrayal of National Security Council: Those Are Alternative Facts
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3 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,683
Earlier today at the White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer — with the help of props — said that any suggestions the ...
Sean Spicer Pushes Back on Reports About Steve Bannon and National Security Council: Utter Nonsense
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 10,557
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hit back against reports on the makeup of President Trump's National Security Council, calling them “utter n...
CNN’s Carol Costello Informs Viewers That Friday Will Be Her Last Day on CNN
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 2,678
At the end of her broadcast today, CNN anchor Carol Costello announced that Friday would be her last day with the network as she'll be moving to Calif...
Carol Costello Pushes Back on Rep Darrell Issa Over Travel Ban: That’s Deflection!
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,894
This morning on CNN, Carol Costello spoke to California's Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican of Lebanese descent, about Donald Trump's travel b...
Breitbart Editor Tells Brian Stelter It’s Defamatory to Call Breitbart a White Nationalist Website
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 358
During today's broadcast of CNN's Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter brought on Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak to discuss, among other...
Poppy Harlow Grills Trump Advisor: Can You Name a One Terrorist Attack by a Syrian Refugee?
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,573
CNN's Poppy Harlow grilled former Republican congressman and Trump advisor Jack Kingston on exactly what justifies President Trump's decision to ban U...
GOP Congressman: Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation Undermines the Constitution
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,118
Republican Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger charged on CNN's New Day Friday that President Donald Trump was undermining America's electoral system ...
Man Who Championed Claims of Widespread Voter Fraud Gets Brutally Embarrassed on CNN
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 29,668
This is probably not how Gregg Phillips wanted his morning interview on CNN to go. Phillips, the founder of an advocacy group called VoteStand, was th...
Chris Cuom Calls Out President Trump’s Bully Tactics and Deep Insecurities
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 72
In this bizarre post-truth presidential administration that at times seems just as built on action as it is suspicion and paranoia, many journalists h...
Jake Tapper Delivers Perfect Response to Steve Bannon Telling Media to Keep Its Mouth Shut UP
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 26,832
Earlier today, it was reported that President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon had some harsh words for the mainstream media. Basically, h...
Footage of Donald Trump First Air Force One Ride Features TV Blaring Commercials
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 1,220
Earlier today the press was allowed to shoot some footage of President Donald Trump in his office during his first ever Air Force One ride. While allo...
Dana Bash: Trump’s Executive Orders Are Like The Twilight Zone After Years of Barack Obama Criticism
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 148
Moments after watching President Donald Trump deliver his planned remarks at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, CNN's Dana Bash pointed out the apparent...
Carl Bernstein Says Fox News Has a Responsibility to Call Out Donald Trump Whenever He Lies
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4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 2,650
Carl Bernstein said on CNN Tonight that Fox News must recognize that they have a duty to call out President Trump whenever he says something demonstra...