Berlin is Becoming a Sponge City
by Bloomberg
16 hours ago ∗ Views: 24,466
Berlin is becoming a "Sponge City" designed to tackle two issues - heat and flooding - by imitating nature.
Mastercard Targets Mexico City, Where Cash Is King
by Bloomberg
3 days ago ∗ Views: 10,730
Mastercard wants Mexico City to join major cities across the globe in taking its first step toward cashless public transportation. The company will in...
New Trans Fat Free Oils: How Do They Taste?
by Bloomberg
7 days ago ∗ Views: 16,207
With the FDA setting a 2018 deadline to rid America of artery-clogging trans-fats, there's a race to create new oils that taste great and have no tran...
The Death and Life of Helicopter Commuting
by Bloomberg
2 weeks ago ∗ Views: 382,046
Fifty years ago, a helicopter company called New York Airways whisked passengers from the rooftop of the iconic Pan Am Building in midtown Manhattan t...
Venezuela Inches Closer to Dictatorship
by Bloomberg
2 weeks ago ∗ Views: 28,552
Venezuela has more oil than anywhere on Earth, and yet it can't provide basic food and services to its citizens. Bloomberg QuickTake examines how ...
How Close Are We to a Cashless Society?
by Bloomberg
3 weeks ago ∗ Views: 26,059
Transactions made in cash are losing ground to digital payments, and governments around the world are considering the merits of losing paper currency ...
Donald Trump Jr.'s Life in His Father's Shadow
by Bloomberg
4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 18,490
When your name is Donald Trump Jr., it is pretty hard to escape your father's shadow. "Bloomberg Profiles" looks at how Donald Trump Jr. went from pro...
Are Organic Foods Really Healthier?
by Bloomberg
4 weeks ago ∗ Views: 16,236
It's widely believed that organic foods are more nutritious and safer than non-organic foods, even though the evidence is far from clear. Food certifi...
Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Cubicle?
by Bloomberg
1 month ago ∗ Views: 133,004
San Francisco startup Meta is trying to liberate the workplace of computer monitors, trading them in for its augmented reality headsets. Bloomberg Tec...
Does the World’s Top Weed Killer Cause Cancer?
by Bloomberg
1 month ago ∗ Views: 27,161
It's in everything from bread, to berries, to breast milk. It's called glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's top weed killer Roundup, and wh...
You Could Be Stuck with Faulty Airbags for Years
by Bloomberg
1 month ago ∗ Views: 13,934
For years, Takata supplied tens of millions of faulty airbags to the world's biggest automakers. In June 2017 Takata filed for bankruptcy, marking the...
360 Video: Stunt Driver Does Donuts in a 1937 Ford Hot Rod
by Bloomberg
2 months ago ∗ Views: 38,558
Stunt driver Terry Grant took himself for spins (and spins and spins) in a classic 1937 Ford Sedan for our 360-degree camera. The burnt-rubber demo wa...
Take a Spin in Nick Mason's $40 Million Classic Ferrari
by Bloomberg
2 months ago ∗ Views: 11,181
Nick Mason made his first fortune playing drums for Pink Floyd. His second came from racing old cars. Specifically, old Ferraris that today are among ...
Can a $60 Gadget Replace Your Personal Trainer?
by Bloomberg
2 months ago ∗ Views: 15,080
A lot of fitness gadgets coming to the market do so much more than they used to. Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito tested 17 of them. And one stood out. ...
Why the iPhone Can't Be Made in the US
by Bloomberg
2 months ago ∗ Views: 371,402
A decade after iPhone's introduction, there's a good reason why the Apple device is still not made in the U.S.. Bloomberg Gadfly's Tim Culpan explains...