A South African face off at day 1 of Roof of Africa 2017.
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Check out more http://win.gs/2zIbOB3 South Africa's Travis Teasdale made his winning intentions for the 50th edition of the Roof of Africa perfectly c...
Snowboarding needs people like him. | This is: Marcus Kleveland E2
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Check out more here: http://win.gs/ThisIsMarcus In Episode 2 of This Is Marcus we lift the lid on what it takes to be a snowboarding innovator. We get...
Making magic in the water. | Sessions: East Coast USA
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From New Jersey to New York, one hurricane swell after another produced three months of surf that will go down in history. It's tough for surfers to g...
Who said preparing for Rally Dakar is exhausting?
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Check out more here: http://win.gs/2jtln05 Riders are ready and thrilled at the prospect of hitting the dunes and off-road tracks. Get a view of the r...
A Wind-Powered Journey Across Tanzania: Follow The Wind TRAILER
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Follow Jerrie's Cause: http://win.gs/JustDiggIt Film premieres on Red Bull TV Nov 24th: http://win.gs/FollowTheWind Adventurer Jerrie van de Kop will ...
The mother of Hard Enduro. | Roof of Africa 2017
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Catch the full recap on Red Bull TV on Nov 28: http://win.gs/RoofOfAfrica2017 Are you ready for Roof of Africa 2017? Join us in Lesotho for the final ...
Relive the greatest waves Nazaré has to offer. | Sessions
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The last five years have produced some of the most memorable moments in big wave surfing, and many of them went down on the peaks of Praia do Norte.
Turkish tea plantation with a bag of tricks w/ Sergio Layos and Arif Gül.
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The search for pure flow for a BMXer is never-ending, as is the hunt for new locations and zones to ride. That search to find something new took BMX p...
Behind The Scenes: Matt Jones | Frames Of Mind
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Full vid available here: https://youtu.be/NfLVVJOuY5M Check out the behind the scenes of how Jones visualises tricks and pushes MTB freestyle skills t...
Man Boys Whistler | The Book of John J S2E4
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4 days ago ∗ Views: 33,753
John and brother Eric take advantage of the fresh Canadian snow in Whistler, British Columbia, when they meet up with The Manboys: Rusty Ockenden, Mat...
Stunning MTB masterclass: Matt Jones | Frames Of Mind
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4 days ago ∗ Views: 191,097
Check out Matt's channel right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEuQ_O6BUWwhVhcMyXNHgg Song by Temples: 'A Question Isn't Answered' ...
Casually kiteboarding up a river and then… | POV
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Kai Lenny had a new mission: to kiteboard through the rapids of the Yellowstone River … up river. It takes a hell of a lot to rattle Mr. Lenny's cag...
Prepare your ears for this one. | Sound of Speed w/ Eliot Jackson
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Read more here: http://win.gs/SoundofSpeedRotorua American downhiller Eliot Jackson, hit up the famous Rotorua trails in New Zealand earlier this year...
Top 6 tips from the fast commanders of Red Bull Velodux 2017
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5 days ago ∗ Views: 18,951
Red Bull Velodux is looking for the most complete cyclists! Those with powerful lungs, explosive legs and a hearty dose of courage - it's called Velod...
Head-to-Head Skateboard Race on a Pump Track
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6 days ago ∗ Views: 49,719
Longboard skateboarding with a nod to four-cross racing, that's Red Bull Feel the Wheel. Longboarders go head to head on a BMX-style racetrack to see ...