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10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is DONE With Hollywood



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Published on January 13, 2018
10 hints Kylie Jenner is tired of being famous.


The Kardashians pretty much live in the spotlight. You can’t go one day without reading a new story about their lives. It must get exhausting to always be in the news. Well, we think one Kardashian has had enough of it. Here are 10 Signs Kylie Jenner is Done With Hollywood.

Every year the Kardashian/Jenners release a Christmas card showcasing their whole family. The card is an opportunity to show off their wealth and beauty. Each year’s card is always bigger and better than the last. Well, in 2017, Kylie was completely left out of the card. Was that the Kardashian way of saying that she is out of the famous family?

Kylie has also been seriously slipping on her Instagram game. Anyone who knows Kylie knows that she is the queen of social media. She is always posting selfie after selfie. Or at least she was until recently. Now, the queen only posts old pictures of herself. In Hollywood, not staying on top of your social media is pretty much a career ruiner.Whether it’s her unconfirmed pregnancy, her feelings that she shouldn’t be famous, or her dodging pictures, there are lots of signs that the youngest Jenner is completely over Hollywood. Stay tuned to 10 Signs Kylie Jenner is Done With Hollywood to find out why she may be hiding her pregnancy.

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